Sunday School Teachings

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Knowing God- Part 54

The book of Romans is, in a sense, the central point of all Scripture. It contains all the key elements necessary to the Christian life. However, our appreciation of this magnificent book will depend upon who we are and where we have been in our Christian life.

2016-07-19 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 53

There are consequences for believing wrong things. A "pie in the sky" view of Christianity will leave us wonder what is wrong with our faith or our devotion when things go wrong or when we suffer. The truth is that we may have lost sight of what grace really is!

2016-07-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 52

There is a version of Christianity that is just too rosy and unreal to life. It promises health, wealth, and ease. When these are not experienced the blame falls on the Christian- they lack consecration, holiness, or faith. Actually, it is the doctrine that is wrong.

2016-07-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 51

Do opposition and hardship mean that we have missed God's leading? No! In our obedience to God we often find that hardship is part of the road. Even if we do get off track, our God is able and willing to see to it that our course is corrected and we are restored!

2016-07-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 50

Can we ever really and irrevocably miss out on God's will for our lives? Will He let us miss His will when we seek Him for direction and desire to obey Him? Many Christians live life fearful of failing to rightly discern God's leading for their lives. In this study there is great hope and comfort for this fear.

2016-06-24 Bro. Ian Turner

Knowing God- Part 49

God has a plan for His children, and He has the ability to communicate it. Most of His will has been revealed to us through the Bible, but at times we can't get specific answers this way. At times like these, how does God guide us?

2016-06-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 48

Has God willed that there is one specific person that we should marry, or could we marry any on of several people and please God? With this provoking question we begin our study on how the Holy Spirit guides us.

2016-06-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 47

So, how are is it that we experience the assurance of our salvation, and why are there times when it seems that we lack this assurance? Grappling with these questions is a very healthy spiritual exercise!

2016-05-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 46

The question of the believer's assurance of salvation has been hotly debated among Christians for centuries. The fact of our adoption provides us a piece of the puzzle that provides us with great security. We are adopted children of God!

2016-05-26 Pastor Steve Spuler

Knowing God- Part 45

Understanding adoption also helps us to view holiness properly. Holiness is not about keeping rules and mere outward behaviors. It is about living out our family relationship with God and about being motivated in our hearts and lives by our love and appreciation for God's grace which brought us into His family.

2016-05-19 Pastor Steve Spuler