Sunday School Teachings

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Why Suffering 2

In our suffering God comforts us through His Word (a message), a future (hope), and in relationship with others (His people). In suffering we need answers that are satisfying both emotionally and intellectually.

2017-06-04 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 1

How can God be all powerful and all loving and suffering still exist in this world? Can He not stop it? Does He not care? The question of why pain and suffering exist is for many their main objection to Christianity.

2017-05-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 37

We close our study of the book "The Grace Awakening" with three important points. Grace is resisted by unresolved guilt and shame, when we are dominated by pride, and grace is received when we put away all confidence in the flesh. To let grace impact our lives we must admit our humanity and embrace humility.

2017-05-23 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 36

Bible characters present us with interesting and informative case studies. Moses, Samson, Peter, and Paul give us examples of grace resisted and received. There is much we can learn from their examples.

2017-05-23 Bro. Ian Turner

Grace Awakening 35

Over the past couple years we have explored the issues involved in the debate between "Lordship salvation" and "free grace salvation." Each position has its strengths and potential weaknesses. As we consider what grace means in our lives we once again remind ourselves of what can so easily happen if we stray from grace into works.

2017-05-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 34

When we strive for spiritual excellence there are several things we must beware of. With spiritual discipline, education, and achievement we can easily become impatient, judgmental, exclusivistic, and proud. May God deliver us.

2017-05-01 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 33

Our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses. There are at least four dangers to a pursuit of strong Christian character. The first is the a commitment to excellence can result in an attitude of intolerance.

2017-04-27 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 32

A deep experience of the grace of God affects us in many ways. One such way is that giving becomes a joy to us. Having received so freely from God there is a great delight in giving freely. In fact, giving can become downright addictive.

2017-04-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 31

In the book of I Peter we find that marriages need grace in order for husbands and wives to fulfill their specific and distinct roles. In a society that has abandoned gender distinctions and marriage roles the Church must uphold these truths without going beyond what Scripture says.

2017-04-11 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 30

In Ephesians Paul gives to us the primary personal responsibilities of both the husband and wife. It takes great grace for each spouse to focus on their own responsibilities rather than harping on the responsibilities of the other.

2017-04-07 Pastor Steve Spuler