Sunday School Teachings

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Why Suffering 13

The problem of pain and suffering so often brings Christianity under attack. Do any other worldviews offer anything better? The Buddhist worldview certainly does not.

2017-08-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 12

Music in general, and great songs in particular, are so powerful because they appeal to both the intellect (lyrics) and the emotions (music). Similarly, we must realize that any really helpful response to the problem of suffering must address both of these key area of human existence.

2017-08-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 11

Why did Jesus die on the cross? He died for our sins. He also died for our shame and suffering. When we suffer, the cross proclaims that there is a God we can trust!

2017-08-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 10

What is love? What is trust? As we answer these questions we begin to see how it is that the cross of Christ provides an answer to the problem of suffering. Such great love means that we serve a God Who can be trusted with our questions when we suffer.

2017-08-01 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 8

Would you rather play a sport in which instant replay corrects every possible human error or one in which the human possibility of error is part of the drama? God wanted you as you, just as you are, blemishes and all- even with the possibility of suffering.

2017-07-16 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 7

God, the Creator, made us in His image. This means that each of us has worth and that we find our reason for being in a life of worship unto God. When we do not live lives of worship we sin, and it is sin, in part, that brings such pain, suffering, and devastation into this world.

2017-07-09 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 6

Human beings were created in the image of God. He is explanation of the origins of all things. He endowed us with "free will," and we used our freedom to sin against Him. This truth is key to our understanding of pain and suffering.

2017-07-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 5

The idea of "free will" is key to our understanding of pain and suffering in our world. It is not the entire explanation, but it is key. This truth ultimately defines man as made in God's image. It also means God is always innocent of moral evil.

2017-07-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 4

If there is no God, then man becomes God, the physical is all there is, and there is no eternity to live for. Eliminating God in the face of suffering is not a viable answer. When we suffer we need pastoral care, not just intellectual answers.

2017-06-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 3

Animals don't sin. Human beings do, because we are moral beings made in God's image. Human suffering is related to human sin. We have all sinned and all experienced suffering. We can derive valuable comfort from those who can understand our suffering because they have been through something similar.

2017-06-16 Bro. Ian Turner