Sunday School Teachings

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Men Who Met God- 1

How important is experience in the Christian life? What is the difference between spiritual experience and spiritual experiences? Do both have a place in the Christian life. We begin a new series of Sunday School studies with these provoking questions.

2017-11-09 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 22

What makes a great story? Every great story needs danger, conflict, struggle. What would be missing from our lives if these elements were not possible? What will heaven be like?

2017-10-22 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 21

We don't know all the reasons why God allows suffering. Maybe, however, this is to be expected. If we could understand all the reasons involved in suffering either we would be gods or God would not be God.

2017-10-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 20

The greatest cruelty of suffering is the sense of isolation and hopelessness we endure. There is great comfort and hope when we are not alone in our suffering. In our suffering we can experience God's presence more fully and gain hope for our future.

2017-10-10 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 19

Redemption is something God does within us that impacts everything in our lives outside of us, or at least our perceptions of things outside of us. In suffering we experience God's redeeming work and its effects. This is knowledge gained by experience.

2017-10-04 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 18

As children we all have dreams. As we grow we discover that both our outer world and our inner world conspire to kill those dreams. Through redemption, God works to restore the proper version of those dreams to us- the version for which He created us.

2017-09-24 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 17

If God had made a world in which people could only choose good there would be no such thing as love. Love must be voluntary or it is not love. The existence of evil is a challenge to Christianity, but one that can be explained. To atheism, however, both good and evil pose a problem.

2017-09-17 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 16

Turn about is fair play. If atheists criticize Christianity over the problem of suffering it opens the door for Christians to examine whether or not the atheists have a better explanation. The fact of morality is a very big problem for the God-less worldview.

2017-09-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 15

Materialists believe that the world can be explained strictly in terms of matter and energy. There is no God, no life after death, and no human soul. In fact, what we call the "mind" is really just a function of the brain. What can materialists offer us in the face of human suffering?

2017-09-03 Pastor Steve Spuler

Why Suffering 14

What does Islam teach about human suffering? Islam teaches more than mere acceptance of suffering. It teaches an embracing of suffering as God's will. The underlying philosophy, like Buddhism, leads to a real dehumanizing effect on the soul. Islam is severely deficient in love.

2017-08-27 Pastor Steve Spuler