Sunday School Teachings

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Men Who Met God- 14

How is your spiritual appetite? Do you hunger after God? Spiritual hunger begins with a divine spark, but must be responded to by each one of us. There is very little that can be done for people without any desire for God.

2018-02-13 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 13

Jacob had two outstanding encounters with God- one at Bethel and the other at Peniel. In this second encounter his hip was put out of joint so that he walked with a limp. Is it true that "God has seldom used a man greatly whom He has not first hurt deeply?"

2018-02-07 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 12

Jacob's life opens the door to two very important considerations. The first is what happens when we become discontented with how much of God we have known- we begin to want more. The second is that holy drive within us for Jesus to increase and for us to decrease.

2018-01-30 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 11

God always comes first. Human beings are responders. In this study from the life of Jacob we look at God's prevenient work in Jacob's life and consider the importance of Jacob's willing response to God.

2018-01-21 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 10

Jacob met God in powerful, life-altering ways at least twice. He needed these encounters considering the home he came from and his character. In this study we look at Jacob's mother, Rebekah, and at how we would judge Jacob.

2018-01-14 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 9

The story of Isaac is an interesting one. At least a couple times he re-dug wells that had been closed up after they had been originally dug by his father. This story illustrates the importance of re-opening avenues of spiritual practice in order to keep our spiritual lives fresh before God.

2017-12-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 8

Abraham's faith is a stellar example for us to follow. So, how is the Church doing today in the quality of its faith? What about us as individual believers? If we are called to walk alone, do we have the strength to do so?

2017-12-27 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 7

"God has not changed, Christ has not changed, the need of mankind has not changed." So writes A.W. Tozer. In this discussion we address the question of "the need of mankind." Our "need" has not changed, but our "needs" may be more varied than ever.

2017-12-19 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 6

Abraham had a unique, personal experience, or set of experiences, with God. A.W. Tozer defines such experiences as "conscious awareness of God's presence." Does the experiential equal the emotional? What is the role of emotion in life and in true religious experience?

2017-12-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

Men Who Met God- 5

Do you want to draw closer to God? Abraham shows us that we do not have to be perfect in order to draw closer to Him, but we do need to have a desire. Abraham faced challenges to his faith, and so will we.

2017-12-05 Bro. Ian Turner