Sunday AM Messages

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The Fuse of Racism

In recent years we have paid attention to a steady stream of racially-related stories in the news. Police shootings of black suspects, the killings of police officers, and the subsequent riots are becoming all too familiar to us. What is a proper Christian response?

2016-08-16 Pastor Steve Spuler

Is Jesus Really the Only Way to Heaven?

At first glace it seems arrogant to claim that Christians are right and every other religion is wrong. The claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven is absolutely exclusive, but is it right?

2016-08-13 Bro. Chad Gross

Psalm 139:17-24

The first 16 verses of Psalm 139 teach us that God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. The last 8 verses are David's 3 responses to who God is. These 3 responses are powerfully applicable to our own lives.

2016-07-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

God's Omnipotence

God can do all things except act in a way that is contrary to Who He is. He cannot deny Himself, for He is perfect. This truth has great implications for my sufferings and my fears. It moves me to pray, and it reminds me that I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

2016-07-19 Pastor Steve Spuler

God's Omnipresence

"Omnipresent" means unlimited by space, everywhere present. This is important in terms of space and location, but God's presence is even more important in terms of His relationship with His creatures. Can we know God's presence, and what does it mean for Him to be near or far from us?

2016-07-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

God's Omniscience

God is omniscient- that is, He knows all things. He knows all about our sufferings, all about our possibilities and futures, and He knows all about us. With all this knowledge, He loved us and gave His Son for us!

2016-07-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Draw Near to God

God is always present, but He wants to manifest His presence to us. There are ways that we can encourage His presence, and ways that we can stifle His presence. We are supposed to be a people who draw near to God so He can draw near to us.

2016-06-28 Bro. Mike Koppola

Present Yourself

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego presented themselves to God as living sacrifices. We must also. What does this mean, and is it worth it? Romans 12:1,2 tells us what this means, and their example tells us it is worth it!

2016-06-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

Music and Worship

When Nebuchadnezzar built his golden statue he demanded that when the music played everyone was to bow and worship. Music is a vital human activity and is intimately linked with our worship. We must be a people who praise our Lord in song.

2016-06-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

Psalm 137

The imprecatory Psalms sound harsh to our ears, but when you understand their setting and value they sound very different. This Psalm contains very important information about our memories and about singing God's songs as we live our daily lives in "Babylon."

2016-05-31 Pastor Steve Spuler