Sunday AM Messages

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Go Tell That Fox

Herod Antipas was quite a character, and came from a family known for its violence and evil. When Jesus was threatened in Herod's name He referred without fear to Herod as "that fox." What does this teach us about how we relate to the government officials who rule over us?

2016-11-01 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Tax Trap

When Jesus was asked about paying taxes to Caesar it was a trap. The question was asked by enemies seeking to do Him harm. Opposition is a part of life for the believer, as it was for Jesus. Jesus's answer, however, went right to the issue that every person must face.

2016-10-26 Pastor Steve Spuler

Overcoming Powerlessness

We suffer much loss when our identity is not secure in Christ. One such loss involves the sense of powerlessness we live under when we don't know who we are as children of God. We can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us!

2016-10-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

Our Identity

When Jesus was baptized He was identified as God's own beloved Son. When He was tempted His identity was immediately called into question. Our adversary will attack this vital truth in our lives also. We must know who we are!

2016-10-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Great Evangelist

Jesus is the great evangelist. In the story of the woman by the well we see Jesus offering salvation to a Samaritan woman despite all the obstacles in her life. Whether you have never believed unto salvation, or whether you are a prodigal, Jesus is calling you to Himself!

2016-09-27 Bro. Mike Koppola

We Are Broken

Adam's fall, as recorded in Genesis, had a profound impact on all of creation, including human beings. It affected us spirit, soul, and body in ways we still don't fully understand. This fact means that we are not only fundamentally sinful, but profoundly broken. Many of our life experiences and sinful choices add to our brokenness.

2016-09-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Problem Is Sin

What is it that unites racism, political unrest, immorality, and terrorism. The unifying factor is sin. The Bible reveals much to us about the cause of sin, the certainty of sin, and especially the cure for sin. Thank God there is a cure!

2016-09-13 Pastor Steve Spuler


Is homosexuality the worst of all sins, or is it just another "run of the mill" sin? It is neither. Homosexual behavior is a serious sin that has devastating personal and societal consequences. How should we as Christians respond to this issue?

2016-09-07 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Moral Fuse

The LGBT agenda is radical, aggressive, and violent. It will not be satisfied until it gains total societal approval. Jesus' example with the woman caught in adultery must be our guide. We must overcome evil with good!

2016-09-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Political Fuse

Politics is a heated issue these days. Our presidential nomination process was marked by personal attacks that were both verbal and physical. What should a Christian do in this election? We must overcome the confusion and guard our speech, among other things.

2016-08-26 Pastor Steve Spuler