Wednesday PM Bible Study

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Romans- Part 62

What does it mean to "believe in our hearts?" What is the right way to "confess with our mouths?" These are the two great requirements in order to be born again, so they must matter to us.

2016-09-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

Romans- Part 61

So, where is God's righteousness to be found? It is found in the Person of Jesus Christ! We human beings love to credit ourselves too much. We, like the Jews of old, want to add our part to His finished work. Our righteousness can only be found in Him!

2016-08-26 Pastor Steve Spuler

Romans- Part 60

Unbalanced zeal is not healthy. Zeal must be tempered with things like knowledge, wisdom, love, gentleness, etc. The Jews of Paul's day had zeal for God, but lacked knowledge. Being ignorant of God's righteousness they tried to establish their own.

2016-08-16 Pastor Steve Spuler

Leaving a Legacy of Prayer

We live in confusing days. Light and darkness seem to have mixed into a murky grey. How do you raise children in such a time? How do we know which way to go ourselves? We must be a people of prayer.

2016-08-13 Bro. Eric Mosemann

Romans- Part 59

In Romans 9:25-33 Paul deals with Israel as a lost people with only a saved remnant. This gives us an opportunity to discover what it is that marks a people as chosen versus being rejected. The marks of being chosen speak to us powerfully about the central truths of the gospel.

2016-07-29 Pastor Steve Spuler

Romans- Part 58

When God hardens a man's heart is He being unjust to then find fault with that man? No! Using the imagery of a potter and clay, and using the terms "vessels of wrath" and "vessels of mercy," Paul shows us how perfectly just and good God is!

2016-07-21 Pastor Steve Spuler

Romans- Part 57

The Jewish people commonly trusted in their ancestry and in the keeping of the Law for their standing before God. In Romans 9:6-13 Paul demonstrates that such things can never make us right with God. Being right with God is by His doing in our lives.

2016-07-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Romans- Part 56

The Israelites had tremendous advantages. Paul lists these advantages in Romans 9:4,5. Not all Israelites by nationality are of Israel spiritually, however. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart.

2016-07-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Romans- Part 55

Romans 9 begins a new section of this powerful book. In this chapter Paul begins to deal with the question of the Jew and his relationship to the Gospel. Paul begins by affirming in the strongest terms possible his desire for the Jews to be saved. Have you ever yearned for someone's salvation?

2016-06-24 Pastor Steve Spuler

Romans- Part 54

Who can accuse us? Who can condemn us? Who can separate us from the love of God and of Christ? The answer to all these questions is a resounding, "No one!"

2016-06-08 Pastor Steve Spuler