Wednesday PM Bible Study

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I Peter- Part 11

Christ is the living stone upon which His Church is built. Chosen by the Father, and precious to Him, yet Jesus was rejected by men. How differently do men value things from how God does. If Jesus was rejected, what can those who follow Him expect?

2013-07-10 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 10

Our lives should be in agreement with our faith.
If we say we are Christians we must then live like Christians. This is true in our relationships. To be in conflict with people around us is to be out of proper fellowship with God. As born again people we must put off old and selfish ways of dealing with others.

2013-07-03 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 8

I Peter 1:17-21 is all about living in the fear of God. That fear must be understood in the light of God as our Father. Our Godly fear should motivate us to live focused on the sacrifice of Christ and the judgment seat of Christ.

2013-06-19 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 7

I Peter 1:13-16 is all about the holiness of God and the holiness that should mark our lives. But, what is holiness? As "children of obedience" we are to be reflections of our Father.

2013-06-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 6

I Peter 1:13-16 is all about holiness. In verse 13 we focus on three issues- our minds, being sober, and our hope.

2013-05-29 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 5

Suffering is difficult, but it is not without its benefits, if handled properly. The saving of our souls and future rewards at Christ's appearing are but two of these benefits. Are we willing to endure suffering for the spiritual growth it produces?

2013-05-22 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 4

I Peter 1:6,7 brings us face to face with the issue of suffering. A healthy "doctrine of suffering" is necessary for us if we are to grow and mature spiritually in these difficult times.

2013-05-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 3

In I Peter 1:3-5 we read of the great salvation that God in His mercy has provided for us. Our focus as we consider this passage is on God's mercy, Christ's resurrection, our inheritance, and the power of God to keep us.

2013-05-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 2

Significant time is given for discussion regarding Peter's use of the word "stranger" in I Peter 1:1. Then, we look at the other 3 times the phrase "according to" appears in I Peter 1 in order to better understand what it means to be elect "according to foreknowledge."

2013-05-01 Pastor Steve Spuler

I Peter- Part 1

This teaching is the first in our study of I and II Peter. We begin with an introduction to these two powerful books, and then dive right into I Peter 1:1,2 with a focus on the question of election.

2013-04-24 Pastor Steve Spuler