Wednesday PM Bible Study

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II Peter- Part 35

When we compare II Peter 3:15,16 with Galatians 2:11-14 we get unique insights into the relationship between Peter and Paul. The picture we get of Peter is impressive. We see how a truly spiritual man reacts to correction.

2015-04-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 34

After describing the final destruction of the earth and the creation of the new heavens and the new earth Peter again addresses how the believer should live in light of these facts. We should be looking for these events, living blameless lives, and living in peace.

2015-04-01 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 33

There will one day be new heavens and a new earth! One of the great marks of this new creation of God will be righteousness. Sin has done great damage both to the hearts of men and to the environment in which we live. One day that will all be changed, and it is a delight to ponder what that day may be like.

2015-03-25 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 32

In II Peter 3:11,12 Peter describes the final destruction of this earth. This is not just information, but is intended to be acted upon. How? It should motivate us to a holy lifestyle and should drive us to "hasten the day." But, what does this "hastening" mean, can it be done, and what does it teach us?

2015-03-18 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 31

This world is destined to pass away, to be dissolved. This will include all the works that are in this world. The accomplishments of men, from architecture and art to institutions and infrastructure will all be gone. We must detach our hearts from such things and give ourselves to the eternal.

2015-03-11 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 30

God measures time morally. This helps to explain how it is that He is not slack concerning His promises, even though they seem long in being fulfilled to us. His great desire for all men is repentance unto faith in Him.

2015-03-04 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 29

Who is God, and what is He like? II Peter 3:8 brings this question to the forefront by pointing out that God relates to time completely differently than we do. The implications of a proper understanding of how God measures time are powerful and profoundly comforting.

2015-02-11 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 28

In II Peter 3:5-7 Peter begins to refute the mockers who questioned Christ's return and the final judgment. He says that they are willingly ignorant of God's past judgments, specifically the flood of Noah's day. Then he says that this world is reserved for fire. So, what about this fire?

2015-02-04 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 27

In II Peter 3:1-4 Peter begins to deal with the mockery of false teachers over the return of Christ. Peter's great concern is the clarity of mind of his readers. The mind is a great battlefield, and Satan is good at confusing and deceiving it. One of his tools is the argumentation of mockers, and our day is full of mockers.

2015-01-28 Pastor Steve Spuler

II Peter- Part 25

Peter tells us that false teachers prey especially upon new and immature believer. They do so by appealing to the flesh, which immature believers are not prepared to spot or resist. But, what is "the flesh," and how is it truly overcome? Being born again does not eradicate the flesh.

2015-01-14 Pastor Steve Spuler