Wednesday PM Bible Study

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Galatians- Part 18

In the fullness of time God sent His Son into this world. What does that mean? What is the fullness of time? Why does the fullness of time take so long in coming? We have many questions, but there is ample evidence that there is a God Who can be trusted through them all.

2018-02-14 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 17

Galatians 3:28 tells us that there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, bond nor free in Christ. This is not a denial of biology, social standing, or roles. We as Christians should seek to be free from prejudice in our hearts and oppression toward others. Chapter 4 begins with a wonderful explanation of Christ's liberating work in our lives.

2018-01-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 16

There are various analogies and illustrations that can be used to help explain the issues surrounding the Law and grace. In Galatians 3, Paul uses the analogy of a schoolmaster (tutor, guardian). It is an analogy that is rich in explanatory power.

2018-01-25 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 15

Paul has been insisting that righteousness and salvation come only by faith apart from works of the Law. What then is the value of the Law? Paul begins to address this issue in Galatians 3:19.

2018-01-18 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 14

Covenants are important things. In Galatians 3:15-19, Paul emphasizes the fact of God's covenant with Abraham. His point is to say that the Law could not in any way affect the covenant God gave to Abraham, or its promises. Abraham's blessings are received by faith!

2018-01-04 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 13

In Galatians 3:10,11 there are two very important Old Testament scriptures quoted. Verse 10 talks about the curse of the Law. Verse 11 speaks about the just man living by faith. These verses are key to our Christian understanding.

2017-12-27 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 12

In Galatians 3:6-9 Paul turns to the O.T. example of Abraham. This was a particularly effective argument because the Jews looked to Abraham as the father of their nation. Paul emphasizes the fact that Abraham was justified by faith apart from the works of the Law, and that through him all nations had been blessed.

2017-12-24 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 11

Galatians 3 opens with 6 questions in the first 5 verses. Using these questions, the apostle Paul pushed the Galatians to evaluate the teachings of the Judaizers and the direction in which their spiritual lives were headed. We can do the same.

2017-12-14 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 10

Galatians 2 ends with Paul laying the foundation for the doctrine he is going to teach in chapters 3 and 4. In the closing verses of chapter 2 he makes the points that all people are equally in need of justification, that the Law cannot justify, and that life in Christ is far different from a life lived under the Law.

2017-12-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Galatians- Part 9

In Acts 11 Peter stood up to the Jews and explained why he had eaten with the Gentiles. Later on, however, as recorded in Galatians, he was unable to stand. What about us? Do we have the courage to stand for the truth and for Christ?

2017-12-05 Bro. Ian Turner