Sunday School Teachings

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Grace Awakening 34

When we strive for spiritual excellence there are several things we must beware of. With spiritual discipline, education, and achievement we can easily become impatient, judgmental, exclusivistic, and proud. May God deliver us.

2017-05-01 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 33

Our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses. There are at least four dangers to a pursuit of strong Christian character. The first is the a commitment to excellence can result in an attitude of intolerance.

2017-04-27 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 32

A deep experience of the grace of God affects us in many ways. One such way is that giving becomes a joy to us. Having received so freely from God there is a great delight in giving freely. In fact, giving can become downright addictive.

2017-04-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 31

In the book of I Peter we find that marriages need grace in order for husbands and wives to fulfill their specific and distinct roles. In a society that has abandoned gender distinctions and marriage roles the Church must uphold these truths without going beyond what Scripture says.

2017-04-11 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 30

In Ephesians Paul gives to us the primary personal responsibilities of both the husband and wife. It takes great grace for each spouse to focus on their own responsibilities rather than harping on the responsibilities of the other.

2017-04-07 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 29

In I Corinthians 7 there are three general truths regarding marriage. It requires unselfishness, it is a lifelong commitment, and it includes times of trouble. For these reasons our marriages need to be saturated with grace.

2017-03-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 28

If I am not healed is it due to a lack of faith? Does becoming a Christian "fix us?" Is success, or its lack, a consequence of sin? Shame-based spirituality answers "yes" to each of these questions. We need a healthy spirituality.

2017-03-21 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 27

Shame-based spirituality is very different from healthy spirituality. Shame-based promotes unhealthy perfectionism, can turn fun into guilt, and can turn sexuality into sin. We need a healthy spirituality.

2017-03-16 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 25

In a ministry that is well grounded in grace people are released from past failures. There is an absence of shame. Too often we categorize certain sins in a way that causes us to bring people's past into their present.

2017-03-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace Awakening 24

When a ministry is marked by grace there will be "liberty with creative expression." Do we allow each other the gracious liberty to be individuals? Do we demonstrate grace when a fellow believer is still bound in some sin or weakness?

2017-02-22 Pastor Steve Spuler