Sunday School Teachings

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Sermon on the Mount 10

How can we tell if we are hungering and thirsting after righteousness? There are certain unmistakable signs. The Word of God and the saints of old paint the picture for us. Do we have small spiritual appetites that are easily filled, or are we famished for the things of God?

2013-06-30 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 9

Human beings have many intense natural desires. Righteousness is not one of them. This hunger can only be a fruit of the Spirit in the life of a believer. It is a hunger that even while it is being satisfied goes on hungering for more.

2013-06-23 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 8

Meekness. An almost unknown word in our day. What makes a man great on earth is not at all what make a man great in the kingdom of God. As we look a what meekness is and is not we discover that meekness is not possible apart from the cross.

2013-06-16 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 7

In this study we consider the three explanations given by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones for the frivolity and superficiality he saw in the Church of his day. God does not want us to be somber, but mourning does come before comfort. THERE IS AN APPROXIMATELY TWO MINUTE TECHNICAL GLITCH DURING THIS SESSION.

2013-06-09 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 6

Blessed are they that mourn. How different that is from the philosophy of the world in which we live. The Bible records no instance of Jesus ever laughing. This does not mean that God is against laughing, but what about frivolity?

2013-06-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 5

So, what is poverty of spirit? Poverty of spirit has nothing to do with any person to person relationship, but is how we see ourselves in relation to God when we have truly been in His presence.

2013-05-26 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 4

Blessed are the poor in spirit...but, what does this mean? By considering some of the "self-sins," such as aggressiveness, self-confidence, and self-reliance, we can understand what "poor in spirit" is not. Then we can look at what "poor in spirit" is.

2013-05-19 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 3

Five principles for understanding the Beatitudes provide the outline for this teaching. We focus again on what it means that the Sermon on the Mount was written to believers, and what it means for us to be in God's kingdom. Due to a technical difficulty there is a skip at minute 30 that misses about one minute of our study.

2013-05-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 2

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones' outline of the Sermon on the Mount is a useful one. This passage is best understood viewing the Beatitudes as general statements and the rest of the sermon as specific examples of these general statements. Our specific focus in this study is the believer's relationship to law and the fact of future judgment.

2013-05-05 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 1

In this introductory lesson we focused on two main thoughts. First, how do we understand "the Kingdom?" Second, the relationship between law and grace is a key issue in the question of "free grace" versus "Lordship salvation."

2013-04-28 Pastor Steve Spuler