Sunday School Teachings

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Sermon on the Mount 101

In order to glean the most out of Matthew 7:24-27 it is vital for us to consider the differences between the house built on the sand and the one built upon the rock. The key difference is clearly the foundation, but the other is that one was examined before it was too late, while the other was not.

2015-04-12 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 100

In Matthew 7:24-27 Jesus told a story about a wise man and a foolish man who both built a house. They had much in common but got very different results. The reasons why can be seen by carefully examining the characteristics of the foolish man

2015-04-05 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 98

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones referred to his day as one marked by great Biblical ignorance. What about our day? How does one generation compare its day to previous eras? Whether the subject is Bible knowledge or church practices each day and place has its own characteristics, for good or ill.

2015-03-22 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 97

If all we have said about self-deception is true, and if self-deception is as subtle as D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones suggests, what does this do to the assurance of a believer's salvation? How do we know that we are not all unknowingly self-deceived?

2015-03-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 96

In this study we continue to consider the signs of self-deception. We can deceive ourselves even about things that are in and of themselves quite good. It is possible for unbelievers to be deceived into thinking themselves to be saved. It is also possible for believers to be deceived about themselves.

2015-03-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

Bro. Masih

Much is said today in the media and by politicians regarding the religion of Islam and the Muslim people. Pakistani born and Muslim educated Mujahid El Masih clarifies some of the facts from the myths and explains some of the fundamentals of the Islamic faith.

2015-03-01 Bro. Masih

Sermon on the Mount 95

After looking at the causes of self-deception we turn to the signs of self-deception. In this study we focus on the abuse of that which is good, on undue interest in organizations, and on commitment to the social rather than the personal aspects of Christianity.

2015-02-22 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 94

Self-deception! We may not like to admit it, but all human beings are not only skilled at it, but prone to it. In this discussion we consider four common causes of self-deception.

2015-02-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 93

Human beings are skilled at self-deception. It is entirely possible for people to convince themselves that they are saved when they are not, or that they are living as faithful disciples when they are not. In this lesson we begin to explore some of the causes of self-deception.

2015-02-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

Sermon on the Mount 92

Oswald Chambers also wrote a book entitled "Studies in the Sermon on the Mount." In his book, David Martyn Lloyd-Jones focuses on the differences between the true and false believer. Chambers focuses on the difference between a convert and a disciple. Both views have value.

2015-02-01 Pastor Steve Spuler