Sunday AM Messages

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Our Judgment Day

Between now and heaven there is a lot that will happen. Although there are three major views on the subject, we believe there will be a literal, future Millennial Kingdom on this earth. All views, however, include a future day of judgment for believers. Our works will be tried, and we should live in light of this day.

2016-02-24 Pastor Steve Spuler

Our Down Payment

As believers in Christ we enjoy in this life the many benefits of our salvation. As great as these benefits are they are only down payments on the far greater benefits we are to receive with our Lord in heaven. This truth gives us a future to look forward to, but also demands that we face reality in the here and now.

2016-02-16 Pastor Steve Spuler

A Place for You

My grandmother's house was a special place for me. It was a place of generosity, comfort, and love. At times there is a yearning in my heart for that place and time. Before leaving Jesus promised to prepare a place for us. His place for us is the one we really long for.

2016-02-09 Pastor Steve Spuler

Made for Eternity

In Ec. 3:11 we discover that God has put eternity within the human heart. This means that we all have an innate sense that this life is not all there is. It also means that nothing less than the God of heaven can satisfy us.

2016-02-04 Pastor Steve Spuler

Worldly Wisdom

We often hear I Cor. 2:9 quoted when people are talking about heaven. It can be applied to heaven, but means much more. The larger passage of I Cor. 2:6-10 allows us to emphasize four words- mystery, life, wisdom, and heaven.

2016-01-21 Pastor Steve Spuler

Greater Things

In John 14:12 Jesus proclaimed that His followers would do greater things than He did because He was going to His Father. What could these "greater things" be? In order to answer this question we must look at the subjects of miracles, evangelism, and grace for our day.

2016-01-15 Pastor Steve Spuler


We all tend to have more than one standard of measurement. We tend to have one (more generous) scale for ourselves and another (more demanding) for others. Unjust scales are hated by God, however, and they do great damage.

2016-01-15 Bro. Eric Mosemann

Christ's Superior Sacrifice

The writer of Hebrews proclaims the superiority of Christ. He seems to take a descending order by proclaiming Christ as superior to the angels, to Moses, to Aaron, and now to animal sacrifices. Actually, this is the climax of his argument!

2015-12-27 Pastor Steve Spuler

Superior to Aaron

Christ's superiority to Aaron is a marvelous truth that leads us straight into the consideration of the priesthood of the believer. Each of us is a priest unto God with one High Priest, Jesus Christ. This truth has some profound and very practical implications.

2015-12-21 Pastor Steve Spuler

Superior to Moses

Hebrews 3:1-6 reveals to us some similarities between Jesus and Moses- both were faithful. It also reveals to us some vital distinctions- Moses was a servant in a house, Jesus was the Son over His own house. Most important of all, perhaps, is the fact that the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

2015-12-17 Pastor Steve Spuler