Sunday AM Messages

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The Life of Faith

Pleasing God in our life requires us to live in and walk by faith.
Kaleb Carroll shares his testimony from time away at the ALERT
Academy, with a special emphasis on dependence on God by faith to
persevere through adversity. Matt Carroll concludes the message with
a challenge to apply faith to our daily lives.

2017-01-31 Bro. Kaleb Carroll

Recipe for Revival

In the book of Acts the early church walked in much
fruitfulness. By studying their example and obeying the scriptural
truths in Acts 2:42 we can have modern day revival. Brother Mike
teaches that believers can have revival if they will act upon the
truths to be steadfastly devoted to the word of God, fellowship,
breaking of bread and prayers.

2017-01-31 Bro. Mike Koppola

The Mark of Living Faith

We look at three Crises facing the nation of Israel in
Elijah's day. Idolatry led to silence, lack of leadership, and the
loss of distinction; some of the same crises that face the church and
our nation today. The answer to these crises is provided in the mark
of living faith demonstrated through Elijah who provided leadership, a
voice, and the demonstration of God's power giving us an example to
follow today.

2017-01-31 Bro. Eric Mosemann

The Measure of Living Faith

Living Faith is measured not only by it's claims but also
by it's ability to perform those claims. Jesus's interaction with
Martha and Mary at the death of their brother Lazarus provides for us
an example of this. Jesus both claims to be and demonstrates that He
is the resurrection and the life.

2017-01-31 Bro. Eric Mosemann

The Transforming Power of Living Faith

2017-01-04 Bro. Eric Mosemann

The God Who Keeps Promises

The Magnificat closes with Mary declaring the fact that God was through her child acting in order to help His people. The reason she gave is that He was acting in remembrance of His mercy. God never forgets. He is a promise keeping God.

2016-12-28 Pastor Steve Spuler

The God Who Surprises

There are 5 groups of people named in Luke 1:51-53. They are the proud, the mighty, the rich, the low, and the hungry. These groups can be taken both literally and figuratively. The people God chooses are not the people men would choose. Our God is full of surprises!

2016-12-19 Pastor Steve Spuler

The God that Saves

In Luke 1:47 Mary said she rejoiced in God her Savior. In verses 49 and 50 she went on to describe her Savior in three words- mighty, holy, and mercy. The Magnificat has been considered the first hymn of the Church Age. As we study this hymn we are given great reason to sing our praises as Mary did.

2016-12-14 Pastor Steve Spuler

The God We Praise

Mary's hymn in Luke 1 is known as "the Magnificat." This song has four parts, each of which is intensely focused on Who God is and on what He has done. Mary's words remind us that praise and rejoicing are essential components of the believer's life.

2016-12-06 Pastor Steve Spuler


There is a kind of hope that is not founded upon anything real. It is a grasping at straws that will not hold us afloat in our time of need. The believer's hope, however, is found in Jesus Christ, and this hope is an anchor for our souls!

2016-12-02 Bro. Eric Mosemann