Sunday AM Messages

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Established with Grace

As Christians, we are not under the Law, but under grace. But, how well established are we in this covenant of grace? In this teaching we consider 5 evidences of a faith that is firmly rooted in grace- rest, assurance, forgiveness, restoration, and holiness.

2013-10-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Not Under the Law

What does it mean that Jesus came to fulfill the Law? We can understand how He fulfilled tabernacle laws, priestly laws, sacrificial laws, and even dietary laws, but what about the moral law? The grace of God made available to us by Jesus' work on the cross is truly amazing.

2013-09-29 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Place of the Law

I Timothy 1:5-11 proclaims the fact that the Law was not given for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient. In this study we look at what "not under the Law" doesn't mean, does mean, and what it looks like in life.

2013-09-22 Pastor Steve Spuler

Free from the Law

The believer's relationship to the O.T. Law is not an easy one to describe. In the first message of this brief series we see how being dead to the Law is key to our freedom in Christ.
Romans 6 and 7 proclaims this truth powerfully.

2013-09-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

Bro. Eric Mosemann

The spirit of our day is proud. The spirit of Jesus is meek. Bro. Eric Mosemann uses the life of Moses to illustrate what meekness looks like, and what needs to mark our lives in these last days.

2013-09-08 Bro. Eric Mosemann

Spiritual Warfare

From Ephesians 6, Bro. Mike Koppola takes us through the armor of God. Our enemy, the devil,
and his forces will war against God's people beginning with his lies and accusations. Each piece of armor shows us an area our enemy will attack and what we need in order to overcome.

2013-09-01 Bro. Mike Koppola


Gehazi was Elisha's helper in ministry. When Naaman was healed Elisha refused his gifts, but Gehazi wanted them and lied to get them. He was punished with the leprosy from which Naaman had been healed. This story teaches us vital lessons about materialism, spiritual sensitivity, and the times in which we live.

2013-08-25 Pastor Steve Spuler

Hosea- Part II

Due to technical difficulties this teaching is a re-recording of the message shared on 8-18-13. In the first three chapters of Hosea we get a glimpse of a very difficult marriage full of infidelity. From this painful experience in Hosea's life we can learn about a great spiritual law that is necessary in the building of truly spiritual people.

2013-08-18 Pastor Steve Spuler

Hosea- Part 1

The book of Hosea gives us a great example of the laws of sowing and reaping in action. But, there are limitations to these laws. After reviewing 4 of these limitations we consider the greatest limitation of all to these laws- the kind of God our God is.

2013-08-11 Pastor Steve Spuler

Foreign Wives

There are passages in the Old Testament that are hard for us to apply as New Testament Christians. In Ezra and Nehemiah's day God's people had married women from idolatrous nations. Their solution was to "put away" these wives, along with their children. How can this difficult passage be applied to us?

2013-08-04 Pastor Steve Spuler