Sunday AM Messages

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Grace for Grace

What does "grace for grace" mean in John 1:16? It means an ever growing, ever available grace. It implies prevenience, sufficiency, and our growth in Christ's likeness.

2013-12-22 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Word Became Flesh

How well do we know Christ? Have we considered the similarities and the vast differences between His humanity and ours? When the Son of God, the Word, became flesh His glory was marvelously seen in His grace and truth.

2013-12-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

Bro. Matt Carroll

Jesus used the words "I am" in some very powerful ways. The Bible tells Christians "ye are" in some very significant ways, also. As the light of the world we are to make Christ known by our words and lives unashamedly.

2013-12-08 Bro. Matt Carroll

Bro. Eric Mosemann

2013-12-01 Bro. Eric Mosemann

Grace To Help

There is grace to help in our times of need, but what does this help look like? We are not always delivered from times of hardship and suffering. Sometimes we are delivered through these times. The grace of serene acceptance, a surrendered will, and sustaining strength are available to us.

2013-11-24 Pastor Steve Spuler

More Than Saving Grace

When Christians refer to grace they usually think of saving grace. There is more to grace, however. Grace is an attribute of God. It is our help in time of need. Grace is also that which makes a Christian more like his God.

2013-11-17 Pastor Steve Spuler

Grace for Children

Parenting is not easy, and there are things parents must do that are not easy for children- especially as they get older. Being thankful for being restrained does not come naturally to us. We need God's grace if children are to honor their parents as they must.

2013-11-10 Pastor Steve Spuler

Law, Grace, and Parenting

How does not being under Law, but under grace, affect our parenting? Transitioning children from Law to the Lordship of Christ is not a task for the faint of heart. Let our homes and marriages be marked by warmth and winsomeness.

2013-11-03 Pastor Steve Spuler

How Lordship Is Applied

Paul declared that he became all things to all men. To those under the Law he became as under the Law, though he was not under the Law, but under the Lordship of Christ. How is the Lordship of Christ applied to our lives? It is applied to our lives through the cross, the Word, and the Holy Spirit.

2013-10-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

We Are Under Lordship

Not being under the Law does not mean that there is no rulership over us. The Lordship of Christ over us is experiential, not merely objective; it is fruit, not root; and it is voluntary, not forced.

2013-10-13 Pastor Steve Spuler