Sunday AM Messages

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Defeating Jezebel

Jezebel was marked by three characteristics. She was unsubmissive, immoral, and idolatrous. Her spirit had infected the church of Thyatira. If she is to be defeated it will require a violent death. The cross of Christ, and our stand of faith in His finished work, gives us victory.

2014-05-04 Pastor Steve Spuler

Balaam's Doctrine

Antipas is unknown to us, but not to God. There are two suggestions regarding who the Nicolaitans were. But, Balaam's doctrine is quite clear. In this teaching we find a strategy that Satan has used to bring untold defeat to God's people, yet we rejoice that there is victory for us in Christ's cross.

2014-04-27 Pastor Steve Spuler

Only In Christ

Different cultures have different metaphors for God or virtues they consider their highest ideals. For the Hebrews it was light. For the Greeks it was knowledge, For Romans, glory. For Americans it may be freedom. All these can be found in Jesus Christ, and only in Jesus Christ.

2014-04-20 Pastor Steve Spuler

Which Covenant?

The church of Smyrna was a persecuted, suffering church. Come adversities come from the outside; others come from within. One internal enemy these believers faced was Judaism. We need to know which covenant we are under and hold fast to the truths of grace and the cross.

2014-04-13 Pastor Steve Spuler

First Love

The Church of Ephesus had a lot going for it. They hated evil and were solid in doctrine. Still, the Lord Jesus had one major rebuke for this church. They had left their first love. What about us? The Bible has some astounding things to say about love in the last days. May the Holy Spirit search our hearts.

2014-04-06 Pastor Steve Spuler

Bro. Eric Mosemann

We need spiritual men. The world and the Church
stand in desperate need of spiritual men and women, and all too often what is found is "mere men." In this message Bro. Eric Mosemann encourages us to be spiritual people and to know what it means to be spiritual people.

2014-03-30 Bro. Eric Mosemann

Samson and Delilah

What a sad fact is it that God had departed from Samson and he didn't even know it. His life illustrates for us the war between the flesh and the spirit, and Satan's tactics against God's people. We also see what great defeat looks like. Praise God, He has provided for us not to fall.

2014-03-16 Pastor Steve Spuler

Samson's Unmerited Favor

Great strengths can also mean great weaknesses. Samson's life exemplifies this. Praise God, His grace is greater than our weakness. After his visit to a harlot, Samson did not deserve the strength to carry off Gaza's city gates. Yet he did, by God's great grace.

2014-03-09 Pastor Steve Spuler

Foxes, Enemies, and Jawbones

Samson's life is rich with instruction for us. In Judges 15 we learn about what happens when sinful means are used to avoid undesirable consequences. We learn about friends who become enemies. We also learn about the dangers that follow great victories and our desperate need of Christ.

2014-03-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

Samson's Courtship

Marriage is a decision that affects the rest of our lives. Such decisions must be made with heart of dependence upon God. The example of Samson gives to parents and young adults alike so very challenging considerations regarding courtship. There are no rules, but God does offer us wisdom.

2014-02-23 Pastor Steve Spuler