Sunday AM Messages

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The Local Church

The local church has a special place in the plan of God. She is designated and empowered by God to handle issues that only she can handle. I Cor. 5 is one example of this. In this sobering passage we consider how the church is to deal with blatant and serious sin.

2014-09-28 Pastor Steve Spuler

How Brothers Treat Brothers

In the book of Obadiah the nation of Edom is rebuked for its treatment of its brother nation Judah. The description of Edom's mistreatment of Judah is a valuable illustration of how Christian brothers can mistreat their fellow Christians.

2014-09-21 Pastor Steve Spuler

A Christian Case Study

In I Cor. 6:1-8 Paul deals with the subject of Christians and the civil law. The specific issue involves Christians taking other Christians to court. A thoughtful reading of the passage, however, reveals principles that apply to all of Christian living and relationships.

2014-09-14 Pastor Steve Spuler

A Day in Jesus' Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Have you ever had too many voices calling for your attention? Have you ever had too much to do in a day? Jesus understands. Based upon Matthew 8 and 9 Bro. Eric Mosemann calls us to consider a day in the life of Jesus.

2014-09-07 Bro. Eric Mosemann


We, like Zion and Samaria, are not impregnable. God's people in Amos' day lived "secure," but did not realize that they were susceptible to their enemies if they got away from God. We, too, in our church and in our family are susceptible to our enemy if we become spiritually self-confident and careless. Praise God, there is a God Who has the last word and upon Whom we can rely.

2014-08-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

Our Standing Before Our God

From the book of Joel we draw two of many possible great lessons. We must know our God and guard our standing before Him. To guard our standing before God requires repentance, but for N.T. believers this is an issue of our performance, not our identity.

2014-08-24 Pastor Steve Spuler

Wise and Prudent?

The book of Hosea ends by asking who is wise and prudent to be able to understand the right ways of the Lord. The many lessons to be drawn from this book include what happens when we either don't know or reject the knowledge offered to us by God.

2014-08-17 Pastor Steve Spuler

Righteous Men Taken

Isaiah 57:1 is a powerful Scripture. In it we find the facts of human spiritual insensitivity, of true spiritual character, and of the blessing of righteous men being taken from the evil to come. Such me restrain evil, and when they are taken evil is free to be unleashed.

2014-08-10 Pastor Steve Spuler

Manasseh's Repentance

Manasseh was Judah's worst king. For years, by his evil, he destroyed what his father, Hezekiah, had built. Yet, late in life he repented and was restored to his kingdom by God. His story is not a recommendation for late life conversion, but does speak to us powerfully about God's justice and mercy.

2014-08-03 Pastor Steve Spuler

Josiah's Death

Josiah was one of Judah's two best kings. He led incredible reforms and a great revival. If is curious that this Godly man received a word from God through a pagan Egyptian pharaoh. What can we learn from Josiah's death at the hands of Necho, pharaoh of Egypt?

2014-07-27 Pastor Steve Spuler