Sunday AM Messages

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Prayer and Warfare

That the Holy Spirit is our "comforter" means that what Jesus was to and for His disciples during His earthly ministry the Holy Spirit is to and for us today. This fact is powerfully illustrated in the realms of prayer and spiritual warfare.

2015-07-27 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Paraclete

In John 14 Jesus promised that He would not leave His disciples as orphans, but that He would send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. The idea was that all Jesus had been to His disciples during His earthly presence the Holy Spirit would be in Jesus' physical absence. This is still Who the Holy Spirit is to us today.

2015-07-21 Pastor Steve Spuler

The Spirit's Presence and Activity

We believe that the Holy Spirit's presence can be known and that His activity can be identified. The Bible shows us that we sometimes experience His presence and power more strongly or more weakly than at others. God's people must cultivate an environment in their lives in which the Holy Spirit's presence and activity are welcome.

2015-07-15 Pastor Steve Spuler

We Need the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a person, not human, but not a mere power or force. He is intimately involved in the new birth, and He is the One Who manifests God's presence and active power. We need Him, and must emphasize and seek after Him.

2015-07-08 Pastor Steve Spuler

Is God Departing?

What are we to make of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage? In this message we will ask and answer three vital questions. It may very well be that the blessing of God, which has for so long rested upon America, is departing.

2015-07-02 Pastor Steve Spuler

A Father's Last Words

Despite all the dangers he had faced in his life, David died as an old man. He had the opportunity to speak some last words to his son Solomon. In these words we find great wisdom for fathers today.

2015-06-24 Pastor Steve Spuler

Rejoicing in Accomplishments

In Luke 10 we read of the time when Jesus sent out 70 of His followers to heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel. They returned rejoicing in the results of their ministry. Jesus' wise counsel to them speaks strongly to us about how we should view our accomplishments.

2015-06-14 Pastor Steve Spuler

Presence and Promise

In this message Bro. Mike Koppola finishes his exposition of Psalm 23. He emphasizes the joy of the Holy Ghost even in the midst of our enemies. He also emphasizes the immediate promise of God that works in every circumstance for our greatest good, and that more distant promise of our heavenly home.

2015-06-07 Bro. Mike Koppola

Unto the Pure

Paul's description of the Cretians and those Jews of the circumcision who threatened to influence the believers of Crete is not flattering. His prescription for God's people is to appoint elders to care for God's people. He declares that unto the pure all things are pure, but unto the defiled, nothing is pure.

2015-05-31 Pastor Steve Spuler

Provision and Presence

Psalm 23 is well known and well loved. Bro. Mike Koppola divides this Psalm into 3 parts, and shares with us on the first two of them. In verses 1-3 we see the provision of God for His people. In verses 4 and 5 we find the presence of God even amidst the valley of the shadow of death.

2015-05-17 Bro. Mike Koppola