Sunday AM Messages

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The Cross, the Spirit, and the Flesh

In this message we put the book of Galatians under the microscope. We begin with an outline of the book. Then we zoom in on Paul's plan for Christian living- the cross and the Spirit. Finally, we turn up the magnification to look at the Holy Spirit's role as described in Gal. 5:16-26.

2015-10-22 Pastor Steve Spuler

In Us and Through Us

There is a work that the Holy Spirit wants to do in each of us. His work takes various forms. But, His work is not intended to be hoarded up within each of us. His work in us expects to find an outlet through us.

2015-10-14 Pastor Steve Spuler

God's Spirit for Home and Work

Being Spirit-filled believers will affect our homes and our work. As parents we will raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. As employees we will obey our employers. As employers we will remember that we have a Master in heaven.

2015-10-07 Pastor Steve Spuler

Spirit-Filled Parents

There is a promise given to children who obey and honor their children. Parents are warned not to provoke their children to wrath. There is an awful lot riding on the health of the parent-child relationship.

2015-10-01 Pastor Steve Spuler

Spirit-Filled Children

Our theology is a very real world matter. The Bible tells us that husbands are to love their wives as their own bodies. It also tells us that children are to obey and honor their parents. These are true fruits of a Spirit-filled life.

2015-09-23 Pastor Steve Spuler

A Spirit-Filled Walk

In Ephesians 5 the word "walk" appears three times prior to verse 18. We are to walk in love, as children of light, and circumspectly. There is no way for us to be Spirit-filled people if we will not surrender to the will of God in our daily walk as Christians.

2015-09-19 Pastor Steve Spuler

A Spirit-Filled Marriage

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is evidenced in many ways. Submission to authority is one important way according to Eph. 5:21. The first place Paul turns to illustrate this point is to the Christian marriage relationship.

2015-09-17 Pastor Steve Spuler

Filled with the Spirit

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is an ongoing and increasing need. In Ephesians 5:19-21 we find three marks of a truly Spirit filled life: a song in our hearts, giving of thanks, and submission.

2015-09-10 Pastor Steve Spuler

Crisis or Process?

When God works in or changes a man's life, does He do so in a sudden moment of crisis, or does He do so over a prolonged time of process? He does both!
This illustrates for us the need for a definite moment in which we are filled with the Holy Spirit while still needing an ongoing infilling.

2015-08-25 Pastor Steve Spuler

Power for Service and Living

The terms that are used are found in the Bible. People talk about the "baptism in the Holy Spirit," being "indwelt by the Holy Spirit," and being "filled with the Holy Spirit." Once we are believers we desperately need the Holy Spirit's ongoing empowerment in our service to our Lord and in our daily living for Him.

2015-08-19 Pastor Steve Spuler